Yoko's Diary
Ghana ガーナ

Needs and Demands

Being Volunteer in foreign country is wonderful experience.

A lot of fun with local people, new friends, different culture and environment,
all of these are giving me opportunities to learn.
at the begging, I had an idea that I should contribute to the society for people living here and also I believed I could do something.
but if you look at the reality, it is not always what you can do is what people need.
it takes time to build relationships with people, find what is really needed and how you can help.
Sometimes you may think you are not needed.
When somebody find me useful and ask me to work for our common goals,
that makes me happy.
So I am always trying to be available.
However, of course there are challenges.
Most of them are not from local, but from outside or I can say our home.
People who don’t know the local situation just come to do whatever they want.
They may ask “Do you want this?”
Who can say “No”?
But, is it really really needed to this society?
What will happen after that?
Some people may gain from that.
But some people are losing at the same time.
If people get used to receiving thing from outside,
they don’t keep those well, easily spoil them and expect next one.
I am trying to not to be, but still I could be like that at any moment.
People often misunderstand NEEDS and DEMANDS.
Just giving what they want doesn’t really help. That only satisfy the provider.
finding out the real needs is not easy. but at least, you have to try the best.
The genius man who invested vehicle said that if I asked people what they want, they might answer “fast horse”.