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これからのこと my future plan


日本は時間がたつのが早いですね。 そして人々が歩くスピードも早すぎです冷や汗走る人
ということで、来春4月から、金沢に引っ越します。2年間ほど。 いいとこだよ~みんな遊びにきてね。
というか、とりあえず3月までは八王子におります。 来週は母校のこどもたちにガーナの話をしにいく予定です。


it’s been 2weeks sicnce I got back to Japan.
time flies! not only time, but people here are also fast and quick and hard to follow 😀
anyway, I just received a letter from school and got a permission for master course!! wooohooo!!!
that means I’m gonna move to Kanazawa prefecture from next April.
Kanazawa is very beautiful and peaceful traditional city.
you are most welcome to visit me and you won’t regret!
well, I will be going to Scandinavian countries for a while, other than taht, I’m still here in Tokyo until March though.
so let me find good part time job to survive in Kanazawa as a student!