Yoko's Diary
Ghana ガーナ

ボランティア To be a volunteer

This past two years experience as a volunteer in Ghana, made me a big fan of the country.

I was gifted to meet so many nice people around.

There are a lot of nice/intelligent/hard working people here. But the opportunity is very little.

If I just stayed in my own country forever, I would never thought about other this much. Maybe you only focus on what you can get or gain from others. To be a volunteer is always thinking how I can contribute to the society. Once you become such attitude, then people around you also become like that. Maybe if this kind of cooperation expand to whole community or country, that is the time for change for future.

Even we are from different background and having different culture, we can cooperate, that is the most important thing I learnt here.

Of course it is not easy to know what is the real needs for the society especially for outsider, but still it is important to keep trying. It may takes sometime, you may have to think a lot sometime might be confused, but you and your friend can move on little by little together.

At first, I was too much focus on outcomes, but in fact, if you look back,

I am the one who leant a lot from you people and you all helped me a lot, my friends in Ghana.

But if you say, I have been able to be just a little help, that makes me more than happy.

thank you.